Australian Natives

Always involved in the search of new and improved products, Kalantzis Plants joined forces with several Australian breeders in order to introduce improved genetics of Australian natives to Europe! We grow many hybrids in our testing field and those that perform better in Mediterranean conditions are selected regularly!

Australia was part of the southern supercontinent Gondwana which included South America, Africa, India and Antarctica. Most of the modern Australian flora come from these really old days, 140 million years ago! More recently, Australian breeders invested heavily in their own species producing exotic varieties that can grow in any continent! Kalantzis Plants has tried several of those genetics and chose to produce those that perform better under the Mediterranean conditions that our location close to Athens offer! Among our species you can find:


Despite the fact that Dianella species can be found from Japan to India, half of know genetics are native to Australian flora. Dianella creates an underground rhizome that helps plant resist drought seasons and survive. Long, strappy leaves from 0.20 to 1 meter long ranging from deep green to green-blue comes out of its basis. The species are used for their highly decorative foliage but also for their shinny blue to purple spherical berries that come after the beautiful flowers of the plant.

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Lomandra is an Australian genus of really tough evergreen grasses with long blade-like leaves that arise from a central stemless base and thick woody rhizomes with fibrous roots that allow the plants to survive even under the most severe drought period! Not to be mistaken with other European grasses, Lomandra is a Landscaping tool for any circumstances! Drought, salt tolerant, heat and frost hardy, full sun or part shade it will dominate almost any kind of soil! No wonder why Australia and California highway construction companies order Lomandra varieties by millions! Plant it in the ground and never bother again with it.

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Anigozanthos Project is our marketing brand for the remarkable exotic, species that will flourish in many climates once an established plant. Anigozanthos produce furry, tough flowers in profusion that boast vibrant, long lasting colors, while their long, strappy foliage adds an exotic essence to their picture.

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Hardenbergia Sea of Purple

Also known as known as False Sarsparilla, Native Lilac or Purple Coral Pea. We have two varieties in our collection: Variety “Sea of Purple” is a quick and dense growing ground cover with excellent weed suppression. Smothered in dark purple flowers in late winter/early spring, creating a ‘Sea of Purple’! Variety “Purple spray” is an

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Disphyllum sunburn

Noted succulent breeder, Attila Kapitany, has crossed a South African and Australian succulent to produce this intergeneric hybrid called Sunburn

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