Originally coming from Thailand, bringing a Curcuma plant at home brings the exotic atmosphere of this South East Asian country! The stately plant has slender, powerful stems, large leaves and very impressive flowers. If you look closely, you will see that the flowers are actually bracts that act as a "house" for countless small flowers. Every flower stem lasts for several weeks and keep its impressive purple tone in the house it decorates.

Many people know Curcuma as a delicious ingredient added in Asian dishes. It is true that “curcumin”, a substance found in the roots of specially grown varieties, is used in local cuisine and it’s also know for its medical use. However, do not eat your plants! Just let them decorate your house.


Find a lovely spot in your house where you need an eye-catching plant like Curcuma. Place it on a table, next to a corner, close to a window but avoid direct sunlight, especially during summer. Curcuma is not meant to stand under the sun during dry and warm conditions.


No special treatment is required. Water regularly and from time to time spray water on the leaves. Extra humidity in the atmosphere won’t bother it but really dry conditions may result in edge burnings. Once flowering starts it doesn’t stop. You can always cut a flower stem from its basis and decorate your vases!