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Kalantzis Plants is a family-owned business, known in the Greek plant market for more than thirty years. We are specialized in growing of Gardenia, Hibiscus and Australian-native plants. Innovation and sustainability play a central role in the way we work and think. We are both a supplier and a partner to our clients. In this role, we control and manage all aspects that come into play: range, freshness, reliability, flexibility, service and transparency.

We believe in plants, because they can create a better life, contributing in a healthier, green world. We are always on the look-out for species with added value in the area of cultivation, performance range and sustainability. The history of Kalantzis Plants is a story of innovation, entrepreneurship and cooperation. Welcome to our company.


Our mission is to bring innovative products to the market that have the capability to fulfill the expectation of the modern consumer. To achieve that we created end-to-end collaboration with our Danish partners in Graff Breeding. Breeder-Grower-Retailer, in a close and exclusive collaboration.


Always involved in the search of new and improved products, Kalantzis Plants exclusively represents Ramm Botanicals’ genetics in Europe, introducing new varieties of Anigozanthos, Scaevola, Hardenbergia and Disphyllum every year. In our testing field, new hybrids are being tested daily and selection of those that perform better in Mediterranean conditions is being done regularly.

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Kalantzis Plants strives to achieve optimal quality and reliability. Quality sustained by delivering top-notched products day in, day out. Reliability by always honoring our agreements, inspiring confidence in our relationships and pride in our legacy. Let us be your preferred supplier and partner.


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