More grown plants

As the kids that never get bored of new toys, we also can’t stop ourselves of growing and testing new species! As long as something fits to our climate conditions and growing style we add it in! Focused on Mediterranean surviving species, we just can’t stop…growing! Click below to see more of our range.

Attica province is a peninsula projecting into the Aegean Sea that encompasses the city of Athens. Our facilities are located in that province, North-East of Athens in a region called Marathon, home of the popular long-distance race and historical battle between the Greeks and the Persians. Being close to the sea we enjoy typical Mediterranean climate conditions with distinct, long, dry period in the summer and a short, wet period in the winter.

Under these tough conditions we grow plants charachterized by their quality and durability! We own state-of-the-art new nurseries but also many outdoor fields where our production takes place.

Among our species you can also find: