Poinsettia needs no introduction. What would Christmas be without poinsettias? Offered in many different colors, from classic red to bronze/yellow, euphorbia pulcherrima (that’s its official name) is a must for December decorations. Many people call it “The Christmas Plant” or just “the Red plant” for it’s unique massive red bractia that we are used in coloring our houses in December.

We grow Poinsettias for many years in different sizes and colors. Starting from really small ‘till really big, we offer them from middle November ‘till middle December, so you can enjoy them the most during Christmas.


December in Greece can bring low or high temperatures. During a warm period the plants can thrive outside but when temperature drops below 8oC things will get difficult for them. Better use them for indoor decoration on a table, next to your Christmas tree or place them in a corner of your house.


While standing indoors water needs are not really high. Offer them some water every second day but make sure their substrate drains and the plants don’t stand on “wet foot”. When delivered in sleeves, remove them gently so the air can flow between the leaves.