Native to Central and South America, Lantana is a bushy perennial shrub that has rough and jagged bright green leaves, which, if broken, exude an unforgetable fragrance. They will not stop flowering during summer and won’t require a lot of attention to make a garden looks fabulous, even when nothing else can stand the warm and dry summer normally found in Mediterranean.

Lantanas produce tubular flowers characterized by the changing tones during the flowering, so that the plant results multicolored. We grow mostly upright, compact varieties with white, yellow, pink and orange/red tones but prostrate yellow and orange varieties are also available for the landscaping industry.


They can thrive in shadow places but their position is in well sunny locations! Simply place them under the sun, where they can have as much light as possible! They will reward you with non-stop flowering and impressive colors.


No big needs for watering but don’t let them thirsty either! Once they grow too much, don’t be afraid to cut them back to maintain your desirable shape. They are great survivors and can stand road pollution that’s why we frequently find them decorating highways.