Mandevilla is an evergreen climbing plant coming from South America. It looks a lot like Dipladenia and many people confuse those two species. The breeders make this worse by creating hybrids between those species but the result is simply amazing!

In our nurseries we grow exclusively the new series coming from Graff Breeding: Q-deville! Varieties characterized by intensive colors, full range (from white, pink, red to yellow) with big deep green leaves that don’t stop offering you their huge flowers! You can enjoy them from Spring to Autumn and once you have them you’ll understand why the Europeans are so crazy about this plant!


You can easily place Q-devilles under the sun but during warm and dry months their leaves will get a little bit more yellowish color. In partly shaded areas the foliage remains deep green without that reducing the numerous flowers the plants create.


Not a lot to do with these varieties! If you place them next to a fence, they will like your help to climb it faster. Don’t be afraid of cuttings them back if they became too big. Water regularly and they won’t stop flowering. They are great feeders so some basic fertilization will result in extra color in your balcony.