Despite the fact that Dianella species can be found from Japan to India, half of know genetics are native to Australian flora. Dianella creates an underground rhizome that helps plant resist drought seasons and survive. Long, strappy leaves from 0.20 to 1 meter long ranging from deep green to green-blue comes out of its basis. The species are used for their highly decorative foliage but also for their shinny blue to purple spherical berries that come after the beautiful flowers of the plant.

We grow a great number of different Dianella varieties in our facilities that are proving themselves in the landscape! Our two most popular varieties are super compact Florero with a really full appearance, together with great survivor variety Kentlyn. Both are great choices for areas that require erosion control.


Place your Dianella under full sun or part-shade in typically any kind of soil. Normal uses of this plant is border, garden, Landscape, Roadside, Slope stability or just feature plant! The easiness of its growth will convince you to add more of it!


Our varieties are known for their salt (coastal) and drought tolerance, light frost and heat resistance as also their capability to grow in nearly any kind of soil type! Besides some basic fertilization in Autumn and spring, this species won’t need any of your attention. However, it will always like some old leaves removal from time to time.