We have gardenia in our DNA, it is everything a flower must be: a beautiful creation in pure white color with Angel’s perfume. We have been growing gardenias for more than 3 decades, always improving the production processes, always delivering value to the final consumer.

Today, we are in position to offer classic magnifica varieties with double flower but also a great perfumer with single flower: variety Joy! Only available in Kalantzis Plants, a great addition for direct plantations in the ground, Joy is a variety that flowers in summer and her strong and sweet fragrance covers everything around.
Year around availability and offering of gardenia in different sizes and shapes are part of our business from the first day of our establishment. Gardenia can give a lovely fragrant of creamy-white flower for many months in a row. Offered with dark green shiny leaves in small bush shape or higher stems, these plants dominate any area they decorate!


Find a lovely sunny, bright spot that you visit regularly and spend time of your day. Be careful, gardenia magnifica loves lot of sunlight but not direct sunlight, while variety Joy can be easily placed under the sun! In case you notice that buds drop or don’t open this may be a sign of low light intensity or watering irregularities.


Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out but is also not full of water all the time. Originally, Gardenia comes from southern Asia, found in more tropical conditions than those met in Europe. It will always love some water spray on her leaves in warm-dry days and her roots in moist soil. Remove old flowers when they get yellow or brown and also the dead leaves from the inside of the plant. In the end of the flowering season you can prune the plants to maintain the desirable shape.