Also known as known as False Sarsparilla, Native Lilac or Purple Coral Pea. Hardenbergia are evergreen twining perennials frequently used in landscaping for their vigorous growth and early flowering in the end of winter-beginning of Spring.

We have two varieties in our collection: Variety “Sea of Purple” is a quick and dense growing ground cover with excellent weed suppression. Smothered in dark purple flowers in late winter/early spring, creating a ‘Sea of Purple’!
Variety “Purple spray” is an upright form of Hardenbergia with a managable habit that produces a spectacular spring floral show of intense, purple, pea-like flowers on a hardy, evergreen plant.


All Australian natives love free-draining soil however Hardenbergia will tolerate a wide range of soils from sandy to loam or even clay. It loves sunlight and should be placed in a bright spot if not under direct sunlight. Both varieties can tolerate easily -5oC and up to +47oC during summer so feel comfortable to plant them in the ground if you don’t experience far colder winter.


This a typically low-maintainance species that won’t require a lot of your attention. Trim to shape after flowering if the plant needs tidying up and add some basic fertilization in the beginning and the end of the season.