Our mission is to bring innovative products to the market that have the capability to fulfill the expectation of the modern consumer. To achieve that we created end-to-end collaboration with our Danish partners in Graff Breeding. Breeder-Grower-Retailer, in a close and exclusive collaboration.

HibisQs® is the Trademark for a unique series of improved genetics within the Hibiscus assortment. The unique HibisQs® series is only produced by the leading Hibiscus growers around the world. Kalantzis Plants is the area partner for the Balkan countries and offers full range of varieties, sizes and shapes! Starting from very small until really big plants, bush or stems, all products are easily recognizable by their quality, deep green shinny foliage and big rose-like buds that open to impressive huge flowers!


The exotic HibisQs loves sunlight and must be placed in a bright spot inside your house or balcony. HibisQs is also suitable as a “summer bedding plant”. It will, with its large flowers in bright colors, give an exotic presence and standout in any garden it prides. To get the absolute best outdoor HibisQs experience, we recommend you plant your HibisQs when the night temperature is above 12°C (54 °F) and it will keep flowering until the frost sets in, since HibisQs is however not winter hardy.


HibisQs should be watered regularly, but never be left with its roots flooded in water. Your HibisQs can be kept for many years. With a little “green fingers”, fertilizer and fresh soil in new pot every second year, you will achieve a long and generous partnership. Just remember, when temperature drops lower than 5oC your plants will need protection to survive! HibisQs, like many plants, benefit from a trimming once a year – especially in the late winter or early spring.