Lomandra is an Australian genus of really tough evergreen grasses with long blade-like leaves that arise from a central stemless base and thick woody rhizomes with fibrous roots that allow the plants to survive even under the most severe drought period!

Not to be mistaken with other European grasses, Lomandra is a Landscaping tool for any circumstances! Drought, salt tolerant, heat and frost hardy, full sun or part shade it will dominate almost any kind of soil! No wonder why Australia and California highway construction companies order Lomandra varieties by millions! Plant it in the ground and never bother again with it.

We grow a great number of different Lomandra varieties in our facilities, most well-know of them are: Dalliance, Empress, Lime Tuff, Lime wave and Verday. These varieties cover all needs regarding speed of growth, height and foliage tone. For more information regarding them, please contact us directly.


Lomandra’s position is everywhere outdoors: full sun, part shade, close to the sea, up to the mountain it won’t make a difference! Lomandra is an excellent choice for a wide range of landscape applications. This includes roadside plantings, playgrounds and parks and formal gardens


Lomandra is highly tolerant of air pollution, heat from pavements and buildings, and requires little to no maintenance and irrigation. Besides some basic fertilization in Autumn and spring, this species won’t need any of your attention. However, it will always like some old leaves removal from time to time.