Myrtus is an evergreen beautiful shrub, known for thousands of years and important for human activities since then. Native to South Europe, North Africa and other places, it is drought tolerant, heat and frost hardy and can survive in full sun and partly shady locations.

In our nursery we produce only dwarf mytrle varieties that are slower in growth but create very full and compact plants. We trim them in small shrubs, pyramid and short tree shapes and they are available in different sizes to decorate your garden! Originally they flower in late May and June and they get fully covered with white impressive flowers!


Myrtus are best suited to sunny landscapes as a low maintenance foundation plant, although plants can tolerate some partial shade. Dwarf myrtle makes a drought tolerant border once established. Place your plants in your terrace, balcony or directly to the garden to give a contemporary or Mediterranean style, they won’t complain!


Keep its neat appearance tidy with occasional hand pruning and once planted in the ground make sure that water drains easily as the plants don’t tolerate soggy roots. Water them regularly, especially after establishment or during the warmer months. Some basic fertilization in autumn will always be welcome