Senecio Trident Blue

Senecio is a really large genus with worldwide spread. Why did we include it in our Australian native range? Just because our great hybrid comes from Down Under! Trident Blue is an easy-care ground cover with powdery blue-grey leaves that display an intriguing shape. Bred by Attila Kapitany, Trident Blue is easy to grow, has low water needs and low maintenance requirements.

Trident Blue’s thick, elongated leaves have a glaucous powdery finish and come to a point in a fascinating lance-like shape, similar to the mythical Greek God Poseidon’s trident.


With chalky blue tridents that retain their colour all year round, Trident Blue is set apart from similar varieties and is an absolute stand out. Spreading up to 1m wide, this variety is well suited for mass plantings or as a feature plant among other bold colours to really show off the foliage form and color. Plant it outdoors in full sun or in shade, it won’t complaint, just thrive in your garden!


This a typically not-to-care-for plant. Easy to grow, no special maintenance needs, drought and frost tolerant, it won’t really bother you at all! Cut any part of the plant you don’t like or just because you have to shape and tide it up. You can add some basic fertilization in the beginning and the end of the season to improve growth.