Noted succulent breeder, Attila Kapitany, has crossed a South African (Glottiplyllum longum) and an Australian succulent (Disphyma crassifolium) to produce this intergeneric hybrid named “xDisphyllum”.

Both available varieties: Sunburn (orange-yellow) and its sport called Sunpeach (peach) will grow in just about any situation and flower for most of the year. They are cold and frost hardy, drought and salt tolerant, handle high humidity, poor water quality and poor soils, including clay. An amazing plant and very easy to maintain. And if these strong advantages are not enough, learn that this variety is not aggressive and won’t cover your whole garden! As a hybrid it doesn’t set seeds and as a plant it will cover only the area you need without having to limit it every now and then.


Practically you can place it just everywhere but better let it grow under full direct sunlight! It will tolerate a wide range of soils from sandy to loam or even clay and will survive easily -5oC and up to +47oC during summer. It won’t grow too fast so don’t be afraid it will cover your whole garden before you know it! Use it as a ground cover, hanging basket, retaining walls or for seed suppression.


This a typically low-maintainance species that won’t require a lot of your attention. Cut any part of the plant you don’t like or just because you have to shape and tide it up. You can add some basic fertilization in the beginning and the end of the season to improve growth.