Casuarina Cousin it

Noted succulent breeder, Attila Kapitany, has crossed a South African and Australian succulent to produce this intergeneric hybrid called Sunburn. It will grow in just about any situation and flowers for most of the year with gold to yellow flowers. It’s cold and frost tolerant, drought tolerant, handles high humidity, poor water quality and poor soils, including clay. An amazing plant! A very easy plant to maintain.

Height to 30cm (cover does not grow this thick, only the main stem will get to this height.)

Width to 2m


Will perform best in compost-enriched, free-draining soil in a full or part-sun location however this plant is tolerant of a range of poorer quality, but, still, free-draining soils. Will grow in a wide range of climates from cool to sub-tropical. Successive light frosts will brown the foliage and make the plant look a bit ’ratty’ but new growth will emerge in spring and restore the plant’s good looks. Mulching is recommended.

Needs moist soil, however, will normally perform quite well on natural rainfall without much supplementary watering as the pictures below demonstrate. If planting in a container, we recommend drip feed irrigation as the plant can take up available water quickly. If a potted plant dries out for extended periods, it will die.

Feed with a controlled release, general purpose fertiliser in spring. You can also supplement this with a liquid feed to get the plant established quickly.

This is a plant that you will rarely touch, maybe just trim to desired shape occasionally. Will tolerate a hard cut if required.

Pests and Diseases
No major issues here but some wildlife, such as rabbits and wallabies, has been known to eat fresh, new growth.

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